Close up of Toretto Transport logo on side of truck door.


Toretto Transport delivers safely and on time.

Our team provide transport solutions to the construction industry across Adelaide and South Australia. We are experts at delivering plasterboard to commercial and residential sites. Toretto Transport are fast to adapt, improve and deliver. We are furiously passionate about service, excellence and safety.

Industry Leaders

Toretto Transport is South Australia’s leader in using telehandlers with specialized plasterboard attachments. We can lift 6m sheets of board directly up to five storeys without damaging the product. We bring professionalism to our deliveries and we are willing to try something new to improve service for our customers. We are committed to innovation and to continual  improvement for construction industry standards.

Toretto Transport Telehandler lifting plasterboard sheets up to the third floor of building under construction.
Toretto Transport staff carrying sheet of plasterboard through window.

Safety and Excellence

Toretto Transport upholds high standards of workplace health and safety. Our team has the documentation and personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to work on commercial and residential sites across South Australia. Our trucks are designed for efficiency and safety, with ergonomic side steps. The newest additions to our fleet also have engineered, moveable headboards to block short loads. These are the first of their kind in Australia. We take Chain of Responsibility seriously and ensure all loads are properly secured.

Solutions and Collaboration

Is there a regular problem on site or an ongoing frustration? Let’s work together to find a solution! We can move fragile, awkward and large products up to 18 metres high. We have a versatile labour force who can move products around commercial sites, unload aerated concrete and any other tasks to make the day run smoothly. Why tie up your expensive, skilled labour when we can do the heavy lifting?


Our company values are the foundation of everything we do. What are they? Courage: we are always innovating, growing and adapting first. Excellence: everyone contributes to constant improvement. Team: we value our people and give them opportunities to grow. Abundance: when we are integral and help others to increase, we will also increase. Fun: we have fun and celebrate together.